MCG Tasks – Sunday 28 November

A big morning’s work!

  1. Remove all existing mulch in tomato beds in case there are mould spores.
  2. Test Soil for moisture, inside and outside gardens – if necessary water with spray wands close to soil.
  3. Apply Bokashi juice 1:100 with watering cans at soil level. Try not to wet leaves as we are trying to avoid creating an environment for mildew spores.
  4. Spray sweet corn with success.
  5. Mix up Epsom Salts in a bucket of water and apply to soil around the tomatoes.
  6. Top dress tomatoes with cow manure clear of stems.
  7. Tie up tomatoes and pick out laterals (suckers).
  8. Build up all beds with new soil and cow manure.
  9. Wearing a mask, fluff up lucerne mulch and then mulch 50mm deeparound tomatoes.
  10. Wearing a mask, fluff up Lucerne mulch and place 50mm deep over outside bed taking care to leave clearance around all plants especially sunflower seedlings.
  11. Place ½ cupful chicken manure around beans taking care not to touch stems.
  12. Wearing a mask fluff up lucerne mulch and place around zucchinis.
  13. Check if potatoes need digging up and harvest by hand.
  14. Gently water seedling trays and strawberries. Feed with Seasol.
  15. In seed, mix plant zinnia seeds and cover with plastic cover to aid germination.
  16. Plant peas in far west bed.
  17. Cover tomatoes with black netting.
  18. Plant sweet corn north/west back bed in where some potatoes have been.
  19. Tie up cucumbers.

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