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2 May 2015 | Milson Community Garden
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2 May 2015

Autumn harvest at the garden is a bit of mix bag of success and continuous challenge against pests (or pests challenge against us?). We have seen unusual amount of rain over summer and autumn so far. While the rain brought many benefits to the garden, continuously wet conditions also brought many unwanted pests and they are thriving! Snails, slugs, slaters (also known as Wood Lice, Pill Bugs, Roley Poleys), you name it. We also suspect even rats or possums might be around!?

We regularly put lucerne mulch in beds in order to keep the soil moist but also to give nutrients over time as they break down. But staters like these “decaying organic matter” and often “turn their attention to living vegetable matter” as well according to ABC Gardening Australia. So, many of our young soft (in another word, “yummy”) seedlings have disappeared so quickly only a few days after planting if not overnight. And we all know about white butterflies, don’t we? While they may be lovely to look at, watch closely what they are actually doing – busily laying eggs on leafy green veggies we like to grow! As a consequence, the caterpillars are eating our kales and pack choys much much faster than we can put our hands on to harvest.

We have, however, enjoyed some good harvest too, like trombonecino zucchini over a few months, eggplants, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes and so on. Last Sunday when I missed the garden, the regular guys (Martin, John and Bruce) harvested a very good crop of sweet potatoes in the rain. Well done and many thanks!!

And the baby news!! Our lovely regular volunteers Kate and Peter Marshall had their first baby girl Emily Rose at the end of February. Thankfully Kate continues to bring home baked cakes and biscuits on Sundays and how lucky I was to have her beautiful strawberry cake decorated in front of me for my birthday! Thank you!!

Some of you may remember Mary Quinn as one of our original volunteers at the garden. She and her husband, who have moved a little away from Kirribilli, recently sent me the great news with a photo of their beautiful twin baby girls, Audrey Joan and Bianca Pearl. And I was lucky again to share the same birthday as their little girls.

We wish the new mums, dads and babies all the best!!!

Weather permitting, look forward to seeing you in the garden on Sunday.


  1. John Eager

    Thank you, Yumi, for yesterday’s report .. and for everything you do for the Garden and us helpers. You’re a real gem. John Eager.

  2. Judith

    Thanks Yumi for keeping we not so regular workers informed !
    I have been in Qld & although returning soon I will be caught up with Mother’s Day Sunday I think 🙂

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