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22 December 2016 | Milson Community Garden
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22 December 2016

Season’s greetings! From spring through to early summer we have been very busy rebuilding garden beds one after another. One of the founding members of the garden and regular volunteer Colin Jacobson has been most instrumental in this work with generous support and onsite help from the North Sydney Council including the carpenter Tim and the staff team Randal and Ed. There have also been a lot of hard work by our volunteers Marton, Martin, Peter, Laurence and Dave and we thank everyone who has been involved. We couldn’t have done this without your help and we have a few more beds to complete in the new year. Thank you so much!!

While the majority of our boys were working on the construction site at the garden, the rest of us worked on remaining beds as plants have been growing rapidly. Thanks to everyone’s commitment and help we have been enjoying the summer harvest of green leafy vegetables, beans, potatoes, a variety of herbs and started to taste some zucchini and tomatoes also. Visiting families with children also helped harvesting our potatoes and were delighted to take some home one Sunday!

We are so fortunate to have such great community garden with continuous kind support form the local council and community!

Please note during the festive season the garden gates will be temporarily locked from Thursday 29 December and reopen Tuesday 3 January. There will be Sunday gardening on 8 January as we plan to rebuild another bed.

We wish you all a lovely Christmas, safe holidays and happy and healthy new year!!

Many thanks and best wishes.

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