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ANZAC day in the garden | Milson Community Garden

ANZAC day in the garden

As it is ANZAC day tomorrow, there will be no gardening at the MCG. Our next garden day is on the following Sunday.

The seeds of crimson cauliflower and purple Brussels sprouts have sprung up and should be ready to transfer to pots next week. The red drum head cabbages have been planted out, as well as the Tuscan Kale and the Italian green cauliflower. The Dutch purple podded peas have come up in the front bed. Leeks are looking strong and healthy and the new broad beans have just pushed their heads out of the ground.

We have been spraying Dipel for the myriad cabbage moths which have been in the garden. This week we will order the certified organic potatoes for the back beds as well as more compost soil and more manure. We use a lot of manure in the garden. The Bokashi juice is the main source of nutrient but Seasol and cow manure feature also.

Next week will see all of the basil plants pulled out, so if you would like some basil please come and get some. Do not pick the flowers as we are keeping them for seeds for next year.

When picking herbs we make sure to pick parsley and chives down at soil level. Someone is coming to the garden and cutting the chives off half way down the stalk. This diverts growing energy to try to repair the stalk and so no new chives can grow. Please advise people whom you see cutting herbs that they must come and contribute by working in the garden before being invited to harvest. We have had one woman taking eggplants and stuffing them in a backpack. When challenged, she said that she had never tasted an eggplant and failed to agree to leave the plants alone. Previously, when caught with an armload of herbs she said that she would not take produce again. It turns out she is from Wahroonga!

For local people who come to the park during the week, when Jan Wagschall (the Chair) and I are there, we pick bunches of herbs for them. The same thing happens on Sundays.

The growing season is slowing down now and once autumn planting is completed there will not be as much to do in the garden. From next Sunday we will start at 10 am instead of 9.30 a.m. and maybe in the middle of winter we may start at 11 a.m.

Have a peaceful and restful break.

Warmest regards,
Carole Baker

Operations Co-ordinator
Milson Community Garden

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