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Spring notes 2017 | Milson Community Garden
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Spring notes 2017

My updates on the website may have been in a long hibernation though there have been lots of activities at the garden. These are highlights over the past 6 months.

May – Rebuilding of all inside beds with new timbers were finally completed! We are grateful for wonderful support and assistance from North Sydney Council, especially works by the carpenter Tim, ex-Streets Alive Co-ordinator Randal Shaw, and our volunteers led by Colin Jacobson. Thank you all for your hard work. New beds are looking great!

June – Having completed the inside beds renewal, we started renovating the outside bed with a new planting plan approved by the council. We added a series of hedging plants such as lavender in addition to existing rosemary, dog bane, borage, lemon verbena, etc., and it is still work in progress. We also planted our annual broad beans, globe artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke and added a small frangipani tree in the middle which had been surviving in a pot at the garden for the last few years.

July – Our first harvest of Turmeric was very successful 7 months after planting a dozen or so tubers around last Christmas. After harvesting excitedly, we left a few plants in the bed for growing in the next season. Wendy Simkins made several jars full of preserved turmeric to share amongst volunteers and friends. Thank you!

August and September – We enjoyed a plentiful harvest of leafy green vegetables such as Kale, Silverbeet, Mizuna, Lettuce, Spinach as well as Radishes, Turnips, Baby carrots and Peas. We also harvested Kale flowers and buds which can be eaten like baby broccoli, very tasty! Both Kale and Mizuna plants have gone to flower, so we shall collect and keep their seeds for the next season’s planting.

After giving us the last harvest, our Tamarillo tree (AKA Tree tomato) decided it was her last, and we had to pull it out sadly. But good things will always come! Our lovely volunteer Stephanie Ward kindly donated her beloved Fig tree which she had grown from 4-inch seedling. Stephanie’s farewell gift as she moved away with her family replaced the tamarillo tree! After several weeks in the bed, it has started shooting healthy looking leaves! Fingers crossed the young tree will give us figs twice a year. Thank you so much Stephanie!

Many thanks everyone for your support. Happy gardening!

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