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Sunday 19 May 2013

As we are surely heading towards winter, it has become even more difficult to get out of bed Sunday morning! Yet those who didn’t run or cheer for the half marathon still managed to get to the garden in time.

There may not be a lot of growth to be seen during autumn/winter seasons compared to spring/summer though we had some essential jobs to do such as topping up beds with cow manure and soil, feeding plants with worm wee, liquid fertiliser, dynamic lifter, etc., and mulch herbs, lettuces, silverbeet and the like. They don’t sound like very exciting jobs but all these pampering will be appreciated by those plants (I hope!) that are currently growing slowly but steadily, like broad beans, cabbages, broccoli and garlics.

Colin came back from his overseas holiday and quickly disappeared into the shed where we store all gardening tools. By the time he emerged at the tea break, a new shelf has been installed in the shed for more storage. Thanks Colin!!

Stephanie brought her famous yorghurt cake again! “It’s the only one I bake!”, she says, but it’s yummy and moreish. How she made the cake initially was a funny experience because she ran out of ingredients and had to improvise so it’s a miracle that cake actually works so well. Here is the recipe (both the real one and the one that Stephanie made) posted on her blog.

We were excited to see the first small harvest of snow peas and sugar snap peas which have been raised from our own seeds of the previous season! I brought a handful of snow peas home and thought what I could do with them rather than just eat them on the spot (I usually do!).

The Vietnamese fish curry recipe I had seen in the Weekend Australian magazine the day before had snow peas as one of the ingredients. This turned out to be a healthy and hearty meal of its own! I prefer to add snow peas towards the end of cooking so they would retain the crispness and used less lime juice than the recipe suggested. Here is the link to the original recipe.

Lastly, when I was packing up to leave the garden, I found a plastic bag beside the gardening table. I was glad I didn’t throw them away as rubbish as it contained several pantyhose and a few small plastic pots. Not many people wear stockings these days but they are useful for gardeners as we use them to tie up delicate plants to stakes. Whoever donated them, thank you!

While awaiting more seeds being raised in trays, we will have some seedlings to plant next Sunday. Hoping to see you then!


  1. Nicola

    Loving the updates Yumi!

  2. martin

    Updates Great Yumi, Really enjoying them
    The photos and recipes excellent.

  3. Limor

    You write beautifully and notice every detail

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