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Sunday 27 April 2014 | Milson Community Garden
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Sunday 27 April 2014

It’s been a while since my last update though there has been a lot happening in the garden. Over the last couple of months our weekly harvest included beans, cucumbers, radishes, daikon, sweet corns, pack choy, silver beet, spinach, spring onions, zucchini, trombonecino, tamarillos (tree tomatoes), lettuce, chillies, basil and many other herbs.

While I was away in Japan for 3 weeks in April, I heard Jerusalem artichokes at the south western corner of the garden produced healthy harvest too. A few tubers from the previous season were planted last October and grew to become giant plants with yellow flowers. If anyone still has a few left over Jerusalem artichokes from this season, then we could keep them in the dark and plant again later in the year.

Thanks to Bruce’s thoughtful invention broad beans were neatly planted outside bed with stakes to protect them from wind and dogs running around. Thank you Susie and Sandy for delivering the worm wee on a weekly basis during my absence too!

On Sunday 6 April Japanese film crew visited the garden to film an episode for a new lifestyle program to be broadcasted in Japan soon. The crew wanted to film a group of volunteers working in the community garden and enjoying the harvest at the end with a glass of Aussie wine. Since I had to depart for my holiday prior to filming, I left the coordination of the day to trusty Wendy and she and the group of volunteers did a great job!

According to Wendy and Mac the TV coordinator the day started with a bit of sunshine and then it poured down! However, it was very funny and good times had by all who attended as Wendy made sure the troops to show up for the filming rain or shine. There was a beautiful table of cheese and condiments made by the volunteers as the picture shows. At the end they were nearly washed away with the rain though!

Huge thanks for Wendy, Kingsley, Claire, Peter, Kate, Stephanie, Nicola, Sayaka, Bruce, Limor, Shahar, Adar, Shalev, Mac and the crew for your great support and assistance! Look forward to seeing the program when it becomes available soon. We should get together to watch it then.

See you soon.

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