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Wednesday 24 September 2014 | Milson Community Garden
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Wednesday 24 September 2014

We are so glad to see another new bed rebuilt at the western end of the garden. North Sydney Council kindly arranged the carpenters to do a great job and also promptly delivered 1 cubic metre of soil to refill the new bed last Friday. Senior John (we have two Johns as volunteers) then filled 2/3 of the new bed with the soil on the same day. On Sunday John was joined by Colin and Bruce to finish filling the bed (for the record John did take a day off on Saturday!) Then tubers of sweet potato and Jerusalem artichoke, which we kept from the last harvest, were planted into the bed. Many thanks guys!!

Lots of rain followed by warm temperature boosted the growth of all vegetable and herbs. As a result we’ve been enjoying a huge harvest of leafy green vegetables such as tatsoi, silverbeet, baby spinach, lettuce as well as spring onions and daikon (Japanese radish).

About six weeks ago we also planted some new plants for the garden. The buds and large leaves of Komatsuna (Japanese red spinach) have sweet and nutty flavour, making it perfect for a delicious spring salad. I’m happy to see watercress under the lemon tree is growing well and producing beautifully crunchy peppery cresson. If you are cooking up a dish with lots of spring flavours for your dinner party, adding some edible flowers heartsease, also known as viola tri-colour, will surely impress your guests!

Pontiac potatoes have been going a bit crazy (see two photos in the early stage and last Sunday) while shootings of Otway Red potatoes, planted a few weeks later, have emerged from the zigzag trench at the other end of the garden. Hope they both yield a big harvest in a few months time.

Thank you so much for your help in the garden. See you again on Sunday.

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