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Winter notes during lockdown 2021 | Milson Community Garden
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Winter notes during lockdown 2021

Here are some snaps from our pre-lockdown gardening and winter harvest. In June we were all excited to see several well grown Pumpkins from the outside bed – many thanks to Bruce! – in addition to other staples of Beetroot, Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, Radishes, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Silver beet, Spinach, Sorrel, Rocket, Cress and a variety of herbs.

Due to current government restrictions our Sunday working bee has been cancelled unfortunately until the restrictions are lifted, hopefully by the end of next week. But gardening in any form is a great exercise for mind, body and spirit.

Happy gardening and stay well everyone!!


  1. Deborah Solomon

    That’s got to be the best looking cauliflower I’ve every seen.

  2. Yumi Sakauchi

    Thanks Deb ! It was certainly a pleasant surprise for us too!

  3. Robin Baird

    Hi Yumi, I’m a new resident in Kirribilli and found this beautiful garden. I have always had a vege patch but now live in a unit. I would like to enquire about being involved in this project.

  4. Yumi Sakauchi

    Hi Robin,
    Thank you for your interest. I will email you details of how to get involved at the garden.

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