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Winter 2018 updates | Milson Community Garden
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Winter 2018 updates

The winter garden is looking better as some days are starting to become warmer and the daylight longer. In spite of very little rain we’ve received over this winter, our volunteers dedicated work and regular watering have contributed so much to what the garden looks like today. We always appreciate our community’s interest and support for the garden and I was grateful when a local resident contacted us offering to donate their potted lime tree after they’d seen our “theft” notice at the garden. Many thanks to Fiona and Mike, your donated lime tree has been enjoying the sunshine at our garden!

In mid June we had a fond farewell gathering for The Marshalls (Kate, Peter, Emily and William) as the young family were moving back to Melbourne where Kate and Peter originally came from. Both children Emily and William were born in Sydney and the whole family have been such an inspiring and integral part of our group. During several years of volunteering at our garden, Kate’s beautifully home baked cakes and biscuits featuring seasonal fruit and vegetables were our Sunday tea time’s delights every week! We are so grateful for their wonderful contributions over the years and wish them the very best!!

Over the winter we had our second year harvest of Turmeric and our annual Sweet Potatoes. The Snow Peas have been growing and producing well both inside and outside beds as Broad Beans are steadily getting taller to prepare for the spring harvest. We were glad to see the new netting have helped to protect Turnips and Broccoli plants in particular as they matured so that we could finally enjoy some harvests.

We have also been enjoying our weekly harvest of green leafy vegetable such as Kale, Silverbeet, Lettuce, Rocket, Mizuna, Spinach and Tatsoi. During July and August we planted Kipfler seed potatoes both inside and outside beds. Other varieties such as Ruby Lou and Nicolla seed potatoes are still in the process of sprouting under my coffee table and we should be able to plant them in the next few weeks.

Last week I had a pleasure of hosting a group of delightful seniors at the garden. They are members of the Endeavour U3A (University of the Third Age) Harvesting in the Suburbs and Surrounds Group and visit community gardens around Sydney every month. Their interest is in vegetable growing in their own gardens or simply having an interest in healthy, organically grown food. Mrs Joan Collins, the coordinator of the group, has her own garden and is also a member of the Miranda Community Garden. The whole group was so interested in how our garden had been set up and how and what we are growing. It was nice to hear from them that our garden looks great. Thank you for your interest and for your generous donation to the garden!

Happy gardening everyone!

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